Pilates Instructor

Alexandra was introduced to Pilates in 2004 at a small studio near her MFA directing program at the Actors Studio Drama School in New York City. She quickly found a practice that made her feel both challenged and wonderful. A few years later when she decided to change her career, she pursued becoming an instructor. Her training at CORE Pilates, NYC in the heart of the city was a great introduction to classical teaching. She was hired by CORE Pilates, NYC after she finished her training and worked with them for two years. During her time in NY she also worked at another small studio uptown, and also taught private sessions to her own clients both in-studio and in-home. She also contracted with Yada Yada Yoga in Los Angeles to teach in-home clients in the NY area.

After two years of full-time teaching in NY she moved to the D.C. area and was fortunate to work for several studios in both Washington, D.C. and Virginia. She taught a combination of classes and privates to a very diverse group of clients - from those who had never tried Pilates and hadn't worked out in years, to those with injuries needing rehabilitation, to prenatal and postnatal clients, to athletes. Her style of teaching evolved to include a much broader range of abilities and strengths.

Alexandra also attended several extra trainings, including workshops with Elie Herman. In 2019 she became a teacher trainer for Equinox Sports Club, running classes that trained students seeking to become Pilates instructors.

Alexandra joined Breathe Pilates in 2021. She has enjoyed teaching at all 3 locations and meeting the group of clients who diligently attend classes and privates. She is excited to continue her journey with Breathe and looks forward to sharing her 13 years of teaching experience!